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Child Care Organization “CCO” is an efficient organization that empowers and supports all differently abled children.

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CCO for school

CCO For School:

CCO's School Outreach Program aims to create a healthy environment for all. Where our children can grow up without feeling frustrated, bullied, anxious, or ignored, we aim to have them surrounded by understanding peers and teachers
Under the supervision of professional trainers. 


School awareness:

Schools are where our children face challenges daily, from bullying to ignoring, lack of needed support and friends. 

CCO's school awareness program aims to ensure a healthy school environment, where our children can interact healthier between themselves and their classmates and teachers, to grow safely.

After-school program:

Our love and care are unstoppable, even after the school day.

Here in CCO you will find after school care program "all in one to activate several skills". 

From 4:00 P.m. till 8:00 P.m., which matches your child's needs, according to his/her customized plan, to make an impact.

The after-school program will include individual sessions according to your child's needs, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, 
cognitive therapy, alternative therapy, physical therapy, academic support, behavioral modification and skills development.

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Social & emotional support

At CCO, we provide consulting sessions, and psychological and behavioural support for our children and their families to enable them to coexist, face obstacles and enable them to overcome it to live happily.


Academic support

To overcome academic challenges, CCO provides professional support for our children who face challenges in certain subjects or skills through qualified and experienced tutors that can pave the way to academic success, to overcome frustration and anxiety caused by learning obstacles.

Summer/winter camps

As we take fun seriously and are aware of its importance, camps are where we provide outdoor/indoor entertainment experiences for our children to explore the world freely.

Also, it supports building self-esteem, and confidence to act, and introduce themselves to others confidently.

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